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ASG’s clients include banks, financial and operating lessors, investors, airframe and engine manufacturers, insurers, arrangers, airlines, legal counsel and government agencies. The company is well known in the aviation and financial communities for providing its clients with fast, cost-effective, accurate aircraft and engine appraisals, well reasoned future value forecasts, common sense market analysis and experience-based aviation industry insight. ASG has valued billions of dollars worth of jetliners, RJs, turboprops and engines and has extensive aviation industry experience in such areas as risk analysis, aircraft financing, operating leasing, asset management and airframe and engine maintenance.

One of ASG’s great strengths is its highly experienced personnel. Fred Klein, President of ASG, has been active in the asset-based finance industry since the mid-1970s with special emphasis on transportation financing. He has extensive experience with projects involving asset valuations and management, residual value setting, operating and finance lease negotiations, risk assessment, problem deal workouts and equipment sales. He served on the Board of Directors of the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading from 1998-2012 and was chairman of ISTAT's annual North American conference in 2003-2005. He also served on the ISTAT Appraisers International Board of Governers from 2007-2012, the last three years as its Chairman. He is an ISTAT-certified Senior Appraiser and Appraiser Fellow.


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